Solis Crabtree
Company:Ellipse Communications, Inc Project Role:Design
It's the hip, hip-hop, hip-hop-anonymous?

Maintaining consistency with the brand, the design of the website is both bold and elegant. The structure and guts of the site was built with the intent for users to be able find all pertinent information about the property, no mater which page of the site they happen to be on. Set in the scene of a hip area filled with young working class adults and hipsters, Solis was looking to create an image for their Crabtree property that stood out. Edgy can really be achieved through many different facets, but I found the use of art deco sketches to be the unforeseen key. So how do you look hip, edgy, and yet not loose sophistication? However you do it, I'm happy I was able to help Solis give it a run for its money.

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